Sunday, February 8, 2015

Zwei Jahre aus Deutschland

Just a little post in remembrance of our departure from our last mission to Germany, two years ago today.  Every day we are flooded with fond memories of our mission, our members and our missionaries.  We even speak a little Deutch every day, mostly by mistake, as we know that we should be speaking some foreign language.  Our tongues do not speaking tagalog but our brains think we should say something foreign so out pops German.  These pictures are from the party the Ward going away party just before we left.  The last picture is of our good friends, the Guenters waving goodbye from their home.  Happy anniversary to US.

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  1. We have empty nesters meeting tomorrow night, and we are still meeting each month. We have had two weeks of spring-type weather which is good for calving, but we worry about the water supply. Your mission sounds great so keep up your good work.
    - The Baxters