Friday, May 1, 2015

2 May 2015

Iriga last Sat but this size doubled just after this picture was taken
Another Saturday and this past week was very much like the last few.  I suspect I will be saying that very often now.  Piano lessons have become one of our biggest and most time consuming events.  Last Saturday afternoon, we went to Iriga which is about an hour south and had over 50 people show up.  There were many youth and children along with some adults.  The branch president from Baao brought 3 of his 4 children all on a motorcycle.  We went back to Iriga again yesterday to do piano lessons again but not so many people this time.  I was also able to meet with a branch clerk while piano lessons were going on and provide some training for the membership records.
Smaller group in Iriga yesterday

We went to Libmanan on Sunday and met with the Branch Presidency and clerk and were able to teach and train on the system.  We made an appointment to go back on Wednesday and meet with the missionaries.  In this branch, the missionaries now have access to the computer and they were able to enter information which they had collected on people who had moved, died, had ordinances, etc.  It is really the first time I have seen some significant progress and it was a really good feeling.

We also had piano lessons in Pamplona and Libmanan this past week along with meeting with the Missionaries in their district meeting.

On the way to Buhi

On Thursday, we went with the Gardner's and Watson's to Buhi.  The Gardner's used to work out of Baao and Buhi was a Branch that they visited often.  As the Gardner's are going home in a few days, they wanted to go back and see some people and the new chapel being built in Buhi.  We had a very nice day with these great friends.  It will be hard to say goodbye to the Gardner's on Tuesday.  The Watson's came just a week before us so we will be able to see them a lot before we go.

New chapel in Buhi

New chapel nearly finished inside-dedication in May
This is the active Volcano outside of Cotnogan. A small cloud is covering the symmetrical pointed cone.  It is called Mayon. It is the most prominent land form of the Bicol Region.  It's last eruption was August to Nov. 2014, which included lava flows. Yes, it is still smoking. We can't visit it because it is just outside our mission boundaries, although our little branch in Cotnogan geographically is in the Legazpi mission boundaries.
I checked out the new piano, its a Kawaii digital. OH DARN, they're everywhere.
 There is a member in Buhi who all the missionaries call the "Buhi Lady".  She weaves her own material on weaving looms and then makes bags, blankets, etc.  All the missionaries who work there own some of these things.  We even bought a bedspread for our place along with another purse/bag for Sister Hoopes.

We picked up an order for Elder Shepherd who will be going home this month. He had stopped by our apartment the night before because he had left his medicine in the office for a very infected toe. I soon had his foot soaking in hot water and chicken enchiladas in his tummy, and his order in hand.
The weaving looms with some of her material out.
Girls' day out.  Shopping at the central market.
(Sis Hoopes) I keep hearing about the market but I hadn't been there yet.  It had everything, but of course, many shops had the very same thing.  I bought a pineapple, but because our fridge went out, our food started to rot and I threw it away.  It's too risky to eat questionable food over here. We have another Elder in the hospital with ameobia's.  This is the 4th from that area.
Lunch at the White Bean.  This is the "go to" place for mission couple's in Naga.  We'll be going again on Monday as a farewell party for the Gardner's.

If you look close you can see the chickens stuffed in this Tricie.  Probably on the way to market. Yes,they're alive!


  1. So glad for the reminder of the technology talk. I have to speak about that very topic on our 5th Sunday combined RS and Priesthood meeting.

  2. You guys make mission work look like so much fun. What a great experience!