Sunday, June 28, 2015

27 June 2015

I mentioned that this week would be more of the same and that is very true.  It was a mixture of piano lessons; English tests; visiting District Meeting; dinner with the Office Elders and donut making.

Tuesday morning Sister Hoopes had a few women over to learn how to make donuts.  Two of them are married to men who work for the Church and are officed next door.  So, in addition to donut making, there was lunch with 4 men from FM (facilities management) and 4 women.  The women were made of of two wives of FM and a daughter of one of the Sisters.  The other was a friend.  Some of the days activities are featured in the pictures.

Three of the 4 sisters  learning to make donuts

The 4 men from FM.  Our Bishop on right.

Pres Florez begging for a cinnamon roll.  The others
were withholding from him due to health reasons so they said.
The thought for today is in regards to the recent Supreme Court decisions.  The decisions don't change any of the things which have been going on in the country but have now given it full rein to be implemented throughout the country and have taken the right of states to decide what they want away.  It has saddened most of us because we had hoped that the country might turn back from wickedness but we have actually stepped over the edge.   We know that the Lord does not condone such abominations and that we as a country are ripening for destruction.  How and when that will come, we don't know.  But we do know that this has been prophesied and that we are living in the end times.  We know that the earth will need to be cleansed of all wickedness before the Lord returns. Our challenge will be to stay strong in the face of so much evil and hatred.  The only way is to stay close to the Spirit of the Lord.  The Lord has promised us that he will watch over us and guide us through this coming turmoil but we must be on his side.  The only way to do that is to stay close to the Spirit by praying continually; studying the scriptures; attending our meetings and striving with all our hearts to do His will.  Otherwise, we might find ourselves on the other side and be ripe for the cleansing that is coming.

We had a nice dinner Saturday night with 6 office Elders.   Three of them are leaving this next week.  One to go home and two are being transferred.  Their replacements are already here and trained and were at our dinner Saturday night.  It is really hard to see them go because these Elders are the ones we have known and worked with since we arrived in January.  We have really enjoyed being around them but wish them well in everything they do.

Our big event every six months is the teaching of the Career Workshop which I have talked so much about.  We have 35 Missionaries going home which is a huge group so they have been divided into two groups.  We will be teaching 18 on Monday and then 17 on Tuesday.  We also have 23 new missionaries coming in on Wednesday which we will help to get processed and set up ready to go to their assignments.  We really do enjoy this but we will have long and very tiring days and this coming week will just fly by.

Hope that the Family Reunion went well.  I have heard nothing about it yet but I assume someone will send us a note about what went on.

That's all until next week.
One last picture of the Sipocot District.  We went to their
meeting on Thursday and then to church today.


  1. "While many governments and well meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not."

    Elder Neil L. Andersen

  2. I have never made donuts... pie, but no donuts.

  3. Mom those donuts looks delicious. How come we never got to partake of any before this mission?