Saturday, August 29, 2015

29 August 2015

Here we go again!  We had a fun week which means we weren't too busy but we had things to do and were able to travel around a little bit which was a nice change.

District leaders in Pasacao.  Why am I always standing
on lower ground when around these tall Elders?

These Elders are wearing their sweat rags around their necks.  When I saw them, I asked if they were cold.  That is a real joke because the only time anyone is cold here is if you are sitting in an air conditioned room that is set way low.  Usually, it is very hot and humid and we are now in the rainy season with Monsoon rains that are hitting frequently.

Furniture/wood products factory next to the church in Pasacao.
Owned by members who we visited this past week.
This is our past week in a nut shell:  English tests and travel to Ragay and Pasacao along with Piano lessons and all the other incidentals like washing dishes; washing and ironing clothes; shopping; food preparation; cleaning apartment......And our daily scripture reading.  We will finish the Book of Mormon today for the second time this year.  It is another way of tracking our time.  In one year, we will read the Book of Mormon 3 times.  We have been doing this faithfully since we went to Germany.  It is a good thing to do and has really been a blessing to us.

This boy is polishing some small pieces of wood that they use in making belts.  They actually are quite nice.

This a family enterprise with aunts, uncles, dad, grandmother, and so forth.
All members.  

This sister was baptized last week and the District Leader
asked her to come and speak to the district.  I think it was
good although we couldn't understand anything.

We attended the Ragay District meeting on Thursday.  This city is almost to the Northern end of our mission.  There is one city with missionaries further north than Ragay.  It is a beautiful area, very tropical and very near the coast although we did not see the coast from where we were.  There are 4 Elders in this picture who work in Ragay and the other 2 work in the city further north, Del Gallego.  We always do some training on MLS, English studying, apartment cleaning, filter changing, etc.

This picture is here for fun.  This is a tricie load of pigs.  This is pretty common although we have seen a few small trucks that carry pigs and cattle.  This is always fun to see as it is so different for us.

The week is now past and we are preparing for a busy week next week.  We do 6 English tests on Monday.  That means that Sister Hoopes and I will both be involved all day long.  We will normally work with each one to ascertain their level of expertise and then try to spend some time with them helping them get ready for the test.  One test I did last week took 2.5 hours as the Elder needed a lot of help.  If they are ready and we can move quickly, we can do each one in a little over an hour.  We hope that happens on Monday and that all the equipment (internet) works well.  I will start with each one doing some practice tests and helping them and then they will move on to Sister Hoopes for the final test.

Later in the week, we will go to Daet with President and Sister Reeder to a Zone Training and then on Saturday back to Iriga for District Conference.  We also have our Stake Conference this next weekend and the Stake President has asked our ward choir to sing on Sunday so we are now starting practice again.


Bis naechste Woche! (Until next week)  I feel like I should say something in a different language.

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  1. You two are amazing. We miss seeing you when we go to utah