Sunday, September 27, 2015

27 September 2015

I started my normal "time to do the blog WHINE" about noon on Saturday and Sister Hoopes volunteered to write something and that took the rest of the day.  You can see it on the post dated 26 September 2015.  We both decided it would be best to just put some pictures in another post and call it good for this week.

It was a busy week but it was also a  GREAT week!  It was transfer week which means we taught the Workshop for missionaries going home and were involved in the orientation of the new missionaries coming in.  We also attended a District Conference meeting in Pamplona on Sunday where an Area Authority Seventy was in attendance.  It is always fun to attend these things.

Following are some pictures and comments on the week.
Some Elders from the Pamplona District.  This is after the Confernece.
Brother Bautista, your son got his package this day.

The Elder with the glasses is from Henderson, NV.  He was in
for an eye checkup.  He was just made a trainer which is
great for him.

Sister Hoopes took some treats down to this group on Sunday
evening.  They were standing around in the parking lot
which is so common on Sunday night.  The next thing we
know, they are all at the door wanting water and ended
up with more of the treats.  Ummm???

This is during break at our workshop on Tuesday.

The group from the workshop after completion.

We received 25 new missionaries on Wednesday.  There were 10
North Americans this time.  It was really great to see and
visit with them.

Some interesting tidbits about this group from America:

One of them is a Teichert from Cokeville, Wyoming.

The other is named Sessions from Mt. Home, Idaho.  When he met us, he said, "Oh, I have relatives who are named Hoopes".
His mother's sister is married to Gary Hoopes.  Son of Tex Hoopes.  It is really a small world.
This is all of the new missionaries for the benefit
of the parents of some who may read this blog.
This was in the Presidents home just before the new missionaries
arrived.  This is a sister Missionary.  She stood there with her
hand on Sister Hoopes' shoulder the whole time.

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