Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 December 2015 Typhoon Melor Update


This is an update of a Typhoon which we have been monitoring.  It does appear to be heading right for us.  In fact, the model shows the eye of the typoon going right over Naga.  It is supposed to be here sometime Tuesday mid-day.

Please do not worry.  This country is used to this stuff and this one is not that big at this point.  We are well stocked with food supplies and water.  We have a generator and will be just fine.  We may be out of internet for the day on Tuesday and maybe into Wednesday.  We don't know yet but if we can, we will post updates or send emails as we can.

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All of the missionaries have been or are being alerted and there are procedures in place for what everyone is to do.  We are in a solid concrete building with great roof and we are on the second floor in case the water does get higher.

Actually, we are not worried and were hoping we might get to see a typhoon while living here.

We will let you all know what is happening when we can and know more.

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