Friday, May 27, 2016

26 May 2016

It is a week today since we arrived home in Utah.  The trip home was without event but was long and tiring.  We had a very enjoyable time in Manila and this short update is to record some of our events while in Manila for a day and a half.   Following are some pictures of our time there with captions.
Dinner on Tuesday night at Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Manila.  We were
in the Newport Mall across the street from the Remington Hotel
where we stayed.  $$$$$$$ but worth every bite.

Outside the Tunnel on Corregidor Island.  They used this
as a place of security and storage.  Used both by Americans
and Japanese after they took over the island.

We had a very nice evening in Manila on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we left the hotel early to get to the port to go to Corregidor.  This is an island at the opening of the Bay of Manila.  It was a very important location for hundreds of years as military placements located there controlled the Bay of Manila.  Americans were there before WWII along with Filipinos but were bombed by the Japanese during the war.  Ultimately, the commanding officer for the US forces surrendered to the Japanese.  General McArthur had been here and was removed before the surrender to the Philippines and then on to Australia.  He vowed he would be back, and he did come about 2 years later and retook the island.  The island is now a Memorial to all those who fought and died there.

One of the many statues on the island commemorating the
soldiers who fought and died here.

A ticket to the island buys you a ferry ride to and from the island (about 85 minutes each way); a buffet lunch and a guided tour on an open bus over the entire island.  We left the island at 2:30 in the afternoon and got back to the hotel about 4:00.  Just enough time to pack and get ready for the next morning departure from the hotel at 4:00 am.  The plane left at 8:00 am. We had a 3.5 hour flight to Tokyo; a 9.5 hour flight to Portland; and a 2 hour flight to SLC arriving at 1:00 pm.  About a 23 hour day from when we left the hotel.
Another battery but this one was with long range guns.
Some of the bombed out ruins on the island.

A view of the extended tail of the island.
 The picture is taken from
This is Manila from the boat that took us to Correggidor.
Upon arrival at the airport with Kathlene's parents and 2 of my sisters.
I, Kathlene, would like to add my testimony as we finish our mission to the Philippines.  I am so grateful that we could serve the Lord in the Naga Philippines mission.   I know that the Lord blesses the lives of the people who serve Him.  I came back so grateful for all which I have been blessed with.  Most of the people have so little, yet they are so willing to share.    It was a wonderful experience to work with the people there.  They were so kind, thoughtful and gracious. I realized how the Lord loves all of his children.  I love the people of the Philippines.  I love working with the missionaries and listening to their strong testimonies, realizing most of them come from very poor circumstances.  We tried to teach them and give them hope...for a better life.  To quote Elder D. Todd Christopherson " It is God's will that we be free from the humilitating limitations of proverty".  I pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ can be spread throughout the Philippines, to bring the effects of gospel living to not only the members of the church but to all the Filipino people.  As we thought about what we can do to help this people, we realized that money is not the answer,  it is the principles of the gospel that brings about change.  I'm thankful for Apostles and Prophets who lead and guide us.  I'm thankful for my wonderful family which I have been blessed with.  I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon anad it's teachings and warning. I know that the prophet Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and is the prophet of the restorations.  I'm thankful for what the gospel has done to bless my life.  I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen


  1. Beautiful summary of your mission. I want to thank you for your faith in going and serving well and selflessly. Good job, glad you're back!

  2. Enjoyed the post about your mission. Thank you.

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