Sunday, July 12, 2015

11 July 2015

Val and Linda Currie Dec. 2014
We had a sad event this past week.  Val Currie, our good friend and the father of our daughter-in-law Kristin died of a stroke.  This is very sad to us as we were quite close having gone on several trips together and attended family functions at each other's places.  Val will be remembered by all as a great family man and a great church leader.   His love of his garden and yard will be remembered by everyone who knew him but I think Val's greatest legacy will be the things that he taught either by word or example.  I know that he would encourage all of his children and those who love him to follow the example that he set - that is one of obedience to God's will; faith to do the things we might not fully understand; courage to do what is right; patience; kindness and love and hard work.   It is my prayer that those close to him will remember his love and acceptance of them and strive with all their hearts to follow the path he set.

This week was also BIRTHDAY WEEK!!

We actually had two birthday parties this past week.  The first was a week ago today and was for Sister Hoopes.  She turned 65 so it was a big day.  We invited the 6 office Elders and President and Sister Reeder.  Then later, Sister Hoopes sent a text to the local Sisters (2 of them) and invited them but 4 showed up. We still don't understand the confusion but it was great to have all of them.  Along with President and Sister Reeder, we had 14 of us in this little apartment.  And, of course, Sister Hoopes had a BBQ dinner for all of them.  We actually picked Sister Reeder up at 11:00 am at her home and then did some shopping and came
Six Elders on our little couch.

back to our apartment where the food was prepared.  We had potato salad, hot dogs and hamburgers with home made buns; and chocolate cup cakes.  We had a lot of fun and the Elders and Sisters hung around for a long time even though seating was very limited as you will see from some of the pictures.

The Elders were late getting there and we knew they were in the office as we had seen them so I went down to remind them of the time and they were all gathered around a desk talking about something.  I said, "we were expecting you 15 minutes ago and the food is ready and sitting on the table.  So come now or lose out because we already have more sisters than we were expecting."  They were still another 5 minutes before they got there but they brought a big card which they gave to Sister Hoopes.  I can only assume that they were there working on that card and that is why they were late.

The flowers and cake in the picture above came from some other friends in the ward who came to visit on Saturday night after things had quieted down.  It was so nice of them to come and recognize Kathlene's birthday.

On Tuesday night, we attended the birthday party of one of the members we know who works closely with the FM group.  He and his wife have been in other pictures of ours and have become really good friends.  His 50th birthday was on Tuesday, July 7 and we were invited to their home for a celebration.  We went with President and Sister Reeder who knew where they lived.  There must have been food for 50 people and probably that many came.  You can see from the pictures the spread.  Those of you familiar with the Philippines will recognize the tasty dish in the middle of the table.  Apparently that is very traditional and, of course, we had to try some.  The food was really good and while we didn't eat a lot of any one thing, we did try most things and went home absolutely stuffed.  And, by the way, there were people coming the whole time we were there.  They would come and get a plate of food and disappear somewhere.  We don't know where because there wasn't any place at the table to sit.  There was a small living room but I think most went back outside.  It was a muggy night and with no air conditioning, it gets pretty uncomfortable for us Americaners.

Sunday we were in Buhi again for the dedication of their new chapel.  We were met in the parking lot by the Area Authority from the 70 who was there to perform the dedication.  There were many members who came from other Branches in the District to show their support.  It was a beautiful day in a very beautiful setting.

We attended a Zone Training in Iriga again on Thursday. We went to Iriga because President Reeder told me that they are going to make another push to get the Iriga District to become a Stake and asked me to help with the Membership issues as those issues have been a big hindrance in the past.  We went to teach the Missionaries more about what we will try to do with the different branches and how they can help.

These Elders (left) are in Bato - a small branch in the district.  The Elder on the left is just new and is from Henderson, Nevada.  We met him a week ago when he first got in the mission but

Enjoying cookies from Sister Hoopes.  Masarap!!!
yesterday we heard his story.  His parents are both from the Philippines but met at BYU Provo and got married.  He was born in Provo and they now live in Henderson.  He speaks NO TAGALAG which is so funny.  He is a bright and talented (plays piano) young man; is happy and just has an excitement about him.  It is just amazing to see how the Lord works in these instances to provide missionaries for these wonderful people in the Philippines.

We wish the Currie family well and pray that they will be blessed with peace and comforted by the Holy Spirit through this difficult time. We understand the funeral service will be on Thursday of next week but that will need to be verified by anyone wishing to attend.


  1. The funeral today was absolutely beautiful. I'm thankful that we had the opportunity to know the Curries and that they gave me a wonderful sister in law.

  2. Every time I read your posts I think of how wide your world has opened up through your service. These kinds of experiences are available wherever one lives, but I think the greater sacrifice seems to yield greater experiences, deeper relationships.