Saturday, July 18, 2015

18 July 2015

I am learning that even the slow weeks go by fast!  I have a hard time getting ready to write something new each week because it seems like the same thing I wrote the past week.  I worry that it is going to be too boring for anyone to read.   So, even though the past week was slow, we were still involved and trying to do what we could to help.  Our week in a nutshell follows:

But first, a word from our SPONSOR!

For those of you who are reading the Book of Mormon along with us, we just finished Alma Chapter 53 today.  I really love this part of the BofM, not because of the wars but because it teaches us about what our own country is and will be like and the kind of people we need to be to deal with it.  There is wicked Amalekiah who goes to the Lamanites when he doesn't get his own way; the King Men who desire to overthrow the government and set up a king; and in the middle of all this wickedness is the great leader of the Nephite armies Moroni.  A study of Alma tells us what kind of man he was. Here are some of the words from the BofM which describe him.  "Strong and mighty (I think not just physically); perfect understanding; did not delight in bloodshed; soul did joy in liberty and freedom; heart did swell with thanksgiving; labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people, and finally verse 17 in Chapter 48, "Yea...if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men."  There is such power in these verses.  If only we could all be as Moroni in whatsoever thing we are responsible for.  But Moroni is not the only great man in the BofM.  He is one of many who we should look to for a pattern in our lives.  One of the great teachings in this book is that wickedness will be there regardless but what we do with our own lives is what is important to the Lord.  My prayer is that each of us choose whomever we want from the BofM and decide to pattern our own life after the good and great things that we see in the one we have chosen.

The past 7 days, which were slow, went like this:

(My slow week included the following version in parentheses - Kathlene
Iriga District BP and Clerk Training after I finished.
They look kind of worn out.  I was 1.5 hours.
Saturday afternoon:  To Iriga for District Branch Presidents and Clerk training.
(Prepared for piano lessons during clerk training, no one came so I taught a girl waiting there with her mother)
Sunday:  We actually stayed in our home ward this day and enjoyed it a lot.
(I held choir practice, cooked dinner)
Monday:  Pres and Sis Reeder invited us to lunch at their home with the Watsons.
(I made cinnamon rolls and forgot the cinnamon, 2 piano lessons in AM and 2 piano in afternoon) Tuesday:  English test in the morning - free afternoon.

Wednesday:  Planned for donut making lessons but had to buy a  car battery and take to the Watsons in Baao.  Donut making lessons took place in the later afternoon.
(Prep work for Donut making)

Thursday: To District meeting in Pamplona with Donuts for the Elders and Sisters.  I included this picture for the benefit of some of the parents who are following this blog.  These are the district leaders of the Pamplona District.
(Fried fresh donuts in AM before District Meeting.  Worked on genealogy until after midnight).)

The Elders and Sisters of the Pamplona District along with the Zone Leaders.

Friday:  A holiday here and all the Elders were away.  We invited Pres and Sister Reeder to our place for Chicken Parmesan and pasta salad. (I cooked and made dessert in addition to dinner, thank goodness piano lessons at CES were canceled, due to the holiday)

Today:  English test in the morning which I am going to do and baptisms this evening in the church next door. (Fixed dinner for two Sister Missionaries and prepped Elder for English test)

In addition to the things I have listed for each day, we have been doing our laundry; ironing shirts; cleaning the apartment; shopping and feeding Elders and Sisters.(Oh yea, fixed food!, who had the slow week??? I'm still looking forward to it!)

I guess we deserve a slow week now and then.
Lunch with our Naga  3 Sisters.
PS: My commentary was written AFTER Jon wrote the blog!

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  1. Thank you very much.
    We're a bit worried we didn't hear from him last week. These pictures are more than we could ask for. It feels good to see his lovely smiles.