Saturday, November 14, 2015

14 November 2015

Six office Elders for dinner on Sunday afternoon.
I will begin with a thought for this week.  It is based upon a scripture in the Book of Mormon, Alma 48:15-16.  "And this was their FAITH, ...if they were faithful in keeping the commandments of God that he would Prosper them in the land; yea, warn them to flee, or to prepare for war, according to their danger; 16. and also, that God would make it known unto them whither they should go to defend themselves against their enemies, and by so doing, the Lord would deliver them; and this was the FAITH of Moroni and his heart did glory in it."

Two Elders in for English tests lucked out and got some
Coconut cream pie.
It is not difficult to find a scripture anywhere in the Book of Mormon that can be related to us in our present day.  I find this one especially appealing given the angst that I feel every time I look at the news headlines.  Today, I saw the unbelievable terror attacks in France and thought again, "What will I and my family do when the terror attacks or any of a multitude of other threats start hitting much closer to home?"  The answer from the Book of Mormon is quite clear.  The Nephites at the time of this scripture had FAITH that if they kept the commandments of God, that he would prosper them in the land.  The word prosper has a definite connotation of "temporal blessings".  They knew that the Lord would warn them and tell them where to go if necessary to deliver them.  What more could
Cinnamon rolls for Naga Zone on Friday
we ask for than to know that the Lord will warn and guide and bless us to prosper in spite of all these things that are going on?  All we must do is keep the commandments of God. This scripture helps me immensely to understand God and have FAITH in Him.  I hope it helps all of you as well.

Sister Reeder waiting patiently for some Cinnamon Rolls.
President Reeder really likes them!

I have written previously about the workshop that we do for missionaries who have completed their mission and are going home.  It has become something very special for us.  This past week, we have been receiving emails from missionaries who have gone home commenting on the workshop; their safe arrival home; how they miss the mission; their plans for the future and a few other things.  This week, I have decided to share some of those comments for the purpose of keeping a record of them in this blog.  While some have given permission to use their comments, I have decided to keep everything private - so I will not use names or anything that would indicate who they are, except in a case or two where we have permission and where it will be helpful to know who they are.  These are all going to be exactly as we received them so read with some "understanding" and watch for key words such as faith; hope; goals; desire; fear, etc.

Following are some of the comments we have received:

Good day Elder and Sister Hoopes. I'm so grateful for the dedication that you have in the calling that the Lord gives to you. Thanks a lot for the workshop, i really appreciate it and because of it i now have a great vision on how i will accomplish the righteous desires of my heart. Thanks for your powerful testimonies that helps also my testimony to have faith, trust and hope in the promises of God as i do His will in my life. You really nailed it in my heart the things that you taught to us.

Sincerely and ever your friend,

Dear Elder and Sister Hoopes,
As I was excitedly open this next chapter of my life I was prayerfully and carefully setting my righteous goals on how I can do what the Lord expects of me in accomplishing my academic, career, marriage and having a calling to continue to serve the Lord and my fellowmen. I come up on an idea that I must have many options to make or to have a backup plan to everything so that I will not waste the time that the Lord gave to me. I plan to make a resume in applying to be an MTC teacher I notice that if I make into this job, First I can share the things that I learn on my mission on how to be a missionary that the Lord expects of me. Second, I can continue my studies and finish my four degree course in Information Technology cause I have a year remaining for me to have this degree, and Third I can also continue to fulfil my calling in my ward and in our stake because I will be a teacher also in preparing missionaries on their missions, yes I will be a mission preparation class teacher and lastly I will be near to my future wife. I really take to my heart on how I can accomplish this direction of our Father in Heaven gave to His prophets then to us and I know Elder and Sister Hoopes that thru my righteous desires and actions I can accomplish my Heavenly Father’s will to my life. And if it’s possible could I put your name on my reference list on the last part my resume for MTC teacher?. It would be a great help if you could help me with this but if it’s not possible for you and Sister Hoopes to help me with this it is okay for me because you did help me in a lot of things during my fulltime-mission for me to be prepared in this next chapter of my life and I am eternally grateful for that.
with love and sincerity,

Great to hear that Elder Hoopes. Thanks for the reminder about preparing for a job interview, don't worry about it i now have the powerpoint presentation that you create and i always read that so that i will be more prepared. Thanks a lot. Go forth with faith for all of us in fulfilling our righteous desires! Thanks a lot Elder.

Hello Elder and Sister Hoopes. Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop and I am grateful fro the inspired messages both of you shared with us. I arrived home safely and I really miss the Naga Mission. I feel so blessed from having both of you. Take care always. I love you both.

Thank you so much!!  i miss the mission. And all of you! I am doing great!  The Lord has been so good to my family.

Good evening Elder Hoopes I just got your mail.
I just want you to know that I left my Family again because I want to choose whats right. and I know that my decision is right. THank you so much for Everything.

I am eternally grateful, Elder and Sister hoopes I can't explain how much!!!!!!

My eyes are now Open, The Veil is very thin, My faith is reaching its full, my understanding are almost perfect. Thank you so much for everything, I know I can do all things by faith(work). 

I am a Son of God, I don't have any fears anymore.
I will follow God's commandment and keep my covenants with him.
Thank you so much.

hi Elder and Sister Hoopes!:)
thank you for all the things you have taught us. It's been a great time serving with you in the Naga Mission. I miss and love the both of you .

This picture to the right is of a card which was given to us on the last day by an Elder who had worked here in the office and we got to know very well.  We really like him and are so sad to see him go.  He was very special and so capable.

One of the computerized questions on the English test is asking them to describe the weather.  That is what he is referring to.  Quite funny to us.

As you read through the card, notice that his name badge is on the card with the white writing over the top.  It took me a while to figure that out.  We still have not figured out the lower right box.

We don't question why we are here!  We love these Elders and Sisters! Recently one of the Elders asked Sister Hoopes if she would like to adopt a little brown boy... And the answer is definitely yes... and I know she wouldn't stop at one.

The summary of our week is just like last week.  We did take some sisters to the hospital last night for tests and then we went back today to get the results.  I suspect that may continue through this next week as Pres and Sister Reeder left today for Manila for the next week.

Please continue in the faith and take care of yourselves.

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  1. Wonderful letters. I'm happy you get to do this and help so many others.
    We're trying to continue in the faith. I pray every night that we will stay faithful!