Saturday, November 21, 2015

21 November 2015

Another week!

We decided to go to the grocery store earlier today as Saturdays are usually very busy.  We got there just after it opened at 9:00.  Usually the lines are long just like Walmart but not this morning.  Sister Hoopes actually had 5 helpers plus the cashier waiting on her.  They really did look like Santa's Helpers this morning.  They were so cute and anxious to help that I took their picture.

Who wouldn't love this kind of help when bagging groceries?

We lost one of the Helpers from the last picture but still a good group.  Whenever a camera shows up, everyone stops and tries to get in the picture. 

We had this family for dinner on Sunday after church.  She is
leaving in December for Abu Dhabi where she has a job
as a nurse.  The husband and son will follow after school
is out in the spring.
Some more thoughts from the Book of Mormon.  This time from Alma 54:20.  A little background will be helpful before quoting this scripture. The Chief Captain of the armies of the Nephites is named Moroni and the King of the Lamanites is a Nephite dissenter named Ammoron.  Ammoron is the brother of Amalickiah who dissented from the Nephites and went with a small number of men unto the Lamanites.  There he, through murder, gained control of all the Lamanite armies and became King. He was eventually killed by the Nephites and was replaced by his brother Ammoron.  In this part of the Book of Mormon, Ammoron sends a message to Moroni requesting an exchange of prisoners.  
8 Elders plus 2 more who were late for breakfast on Monday
Moroni responds back that he will exchange with some conditions which Ammoron accepts. Then, Ammoron responds back to Moroni with the following:  Verse 20:  ..."and we will wage a war which shall be eternal either to the subjecting the Nephites to our authority or to their eternal extinction".  I found these words very interesting as it doesn't sound like a mere mortal speaking these words.  They actually are very similar to words spoken by Satan.  Clearly Ammoron was a pawn of Satan in this "eternal" war.  Does it not sound similar to the words we hear today coming out of the mouths of those who are opposed to anything good or righteous? Or those from the Middle East who want to destroy Israel?  We are seeing this hatred being manifest more and more by those who have chosen Satan over God.  They, as Satan, view this as an eternal war and truly it is.  It started in heaven and is continuing today.  I think it is helpful for us to understand what we are truly dealing with in these Latter Days. 

Enjoying their cinnamon rolls from Sis Hoopes.

Our week was very much the same.  As always, we visited a district meeting on Thursday.  This is from the Pamplona district.  Of the 8 total missionaries only 1 is Filipino.  The others were Americans, Australian, New Zealand and French Polynesia.  It was a lot of fun.

This next week is Thanksgiving which we will be spending with the Reeders and the Watsons.  We look forward to that.

That is all for this week.
Sister Bagsic wanted to learn how to make dough and fruit
pizza.  She was at our place for dinner on Sunday with
her family but came back on Wednesday and spent the

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