Saturday, February 20, 2016

20 February 2016

District Leaders of the Naga Mission
After such a huge week, we deserved to have a slower week.  After the General Authorities left on Sunday and we got things cleaned up at the Mission Home, we came home and just relaxed.  We didn't have choir practice so we were able to just enjoy the quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday, as usual, was English testing again although only 2 actual tests with one additional practice test with Elder Peralta who is one of the assistants and will be leaving the office in 2 weeks.  He actually goes home in April.  I, Elder Hoopes, spent all my spare time preparing for the District Leader Training on Tuesday.  I have been teaching a part of this meeting since nearly a year ago.  It is held quarterly and is for all of the District Leaders in the Mission.  My assignment is to teach from the Handbook 2 the part on, "Leadership in the church".  It is a very great lesson that I enjoy teaching to these young men. I really appreciate President Reeder allowing me to be part of this. Sister Hoopes attends with me and gets to spend more time with Sister Reeder.  My part only takes 45 minutes but we spend the entire day with them.  It is always special for us to be with the Missionaries and President and Sister Reeder.   Unfortunately, they are usually talking about and dealing with missionary health issues.

Elder Wright and his companion in the office on Tuesday.
Monday night, I, Sister Hoopes, gave a piano lesson to a single adult sister that had been introduced to me by the Piano Teacher who taught piano lessons all last summer at the church next door.  Cilyn was a very good student who picked up my teaching method very quickly.  I was so impressed with her that I decided to send a keyboard home with her that night.  We had an extra long lesson and then it took an extra 15 minutes to set her up with a Keyboard.  Because it is so bulky to carry in a box, and she had a very long way to go, I put the keyboard in the carrying case, and because it had been a little rainy earlier, I decided to cover the keyboard and carrying case with 2 plastic garbage bags, although it was not rainy at the time.  About an hour later, I received this message "Good evening sis. Hoopes...this is sis cilyn...I got hold-up but don't worry they did not take the organ maybe because it is wrapped with garbage bag.  They took my bag with the manual you gave me in it so I cannot practice.  I'm sorry, they have gun with them I did not get the manual."

We felt the hand of the Lord blessing her that night. This brand new keyboard was the most valuable thing that she had.  But to the robbers, it must have looked like garbage. This sweet young woman was robbed and threatened and still worried about not being able to practice, I know she will be a blessing to her ward and her keyboard was saved by the hand of the Lord.  I also learned that I we have to be careful and are protected as a people as we go about the Lords work.

I, Elder Hoopes, took a sick day on Wednesday and I was actually quite ill.  I thought I might have Dengue because of some mosquito bites I had the previous weekend and how I felt but we decided it was probably some kind of flu.  We did all our natural treatments during the day and I received a blessing on Wednesday evening from Elder Watson and felt pretty good on Thursday.  Back to normal pretty much on Friday. Sister Hoopes was feeling a little down yesterday but still did piano lessons last night and again this morning.

We have a big day coming up on Monday.  We are going to Ibayugen with the Watsons and Reeders.  This is a small and remote area where we have a group of saints who are part of the Buhi Branch.  We are going there for a special program that they are putting on for all of the missionaries who are in Buhi and for us.  We drive to Buhi and then get on a boat and cross the lake.  At the shore, we will walk a little way on a dirt path and climb a hill to get to the meeting house which is the home of one of the members.  We look forward to going and meeting with them.  It should be quite an adventure. Will have lots of pictures and an update on our visit for next week's post.

Following are a few pictures from the week.  Have a great week!!
Our air conditioners have been giving us  trouble so they
got a cleaning on Thursday.  Notice the hole in the wall.
That is where the unit sits in our main area.  Another one is
in the bedroom.

Units being cleaned using high pressure washer.

We bought the coconut to drink the milk for 25 Pesos (50 cents).  This is a young
coconut called Buko.  You just spoon out the soft coconut
and can eat it.

One of the great students who has learned to play quite
well taking lessons from Sis. Hoopes.  This is Glenda.

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  1. I will share the story of Cilyn as a beautiful example of God's mercy.