Saturday, February 6, 2016

6 February 2016

The week after transfers is always a slower week and we are grateful to have a little less going on.   

This week in quick review was as follows:

The New Zealand Rib Eye STEAK
English Tests all day on Monday
Pasacao for Piano lessons
Feeding Missionaries 
Missionary choir practice for Elder Nelson's visit next week
Month end car reports
Feeding Facility Management
Piano lessons in Naga Friday night and Saturday morning

The week included another visit to the restaurant which the Watsons found and took us to.   The menu included a beef steak from New Zealand so Sister Hoopes just had to try it.  It tasted good but was quite tough with lots of gristle.  She says she
will give them "one more chance"! "Flavorful
tasty steak, too bad I had to chew and
swallow it!"

The assistants for Chili Dogs.  Elder Tan said the next day
that he was  addicted to the chili.  (after one time eating it)

These Elders got Chili over baked potatoes.  I think they
liked it!
A thought for this coming week:

I read a talk given by Elder Holland at a Mission President's Training in June of 2013. This talk is featured on the church web site at  It is titled, "Knowing The Godhead". It was an excellent talk on the Godhead and their roles and relationships. I was very touched by a concept which he identified near the end of his talk.  It was in relationship to his testimony of the Holy Ghost.  

He said, "I testify that through the power of the Holy Ghost, we can chase darkness from among us and be warned against danger and against untruth. I bear witness that the Holy Ghost is also the Holy Spirit of Promise, confirming and authenticating covenants and ordinances and ultimately sealing all saving blessings unto eternal life. I am in awe that we have such ready access to a member of the Godhead and have it so constantly and repeatedly if we live worthily of it. I express my near inexpressible gratitude
for the gift of the Holy Ghost."

Missionary choir practice
The underline and bolding of the text are mine. While the concept is not something new, it is not something I had really thought of before. How marvelous that we can actually have a member of the Godhead available to us at any point in time. The Lord has provided for us everything that we need to move ahead in this life to fulfill the measure of our creation. We just need to live worthy of it and take advantage of everything that He has provided for us including the Savior's atonement and the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

That is all for this week. The picture's captions give enough information about each of the pictures.

Until next week.
Our Facility Maintenance friends came by for an
American breakfast of fried potatoes with eggs, ham, bacon
and pancakes. 

Elder and Sister Watson went to Buhi and brought these
bananas home with them.  They were green and covered
with bugs so we stored them in our laundry room.  Now they
are ripe all at once.


  1. I want to know what happened to the bugs...

  2. I want to know what happened to the bugs...