Saturday, January 16, 2016

16 January 2016

This has been a different week!

Sister Hoopes has been dealing with HIVES all week!  In fact, she had them the week before last but we were hoping that they would settle down and, hopefully, go away.  That has not been the case as they seem to get worse every night and then look better during the day.  She has not had Hives before but did have a serious rash a few months ago.  She still feels good and we can do what we need to do but they are still itchy and of concern to both of us.

President Botor and family from Baao

This past week, we stayed close to the apartment for most of the week.  We did go to Buhi last Sunday since we have not been there in a long time.  We left at 7:30 am and had a beautiful drive with hardly any traffic.  We made such good time that we decided to stop in Baao and say hi to President Botor who was there with his family setting up chairs and getting ready for their services.

Piano Week:
Most of the work this past week has been recording Keyboard serial numbers and setting up files to track where they go.  We also spent time creating an agreement for signatures by the Branch Presidents; ward/branch music directors; and the individuals who will be receiving the Keyboards. Sister Hoopes was invited to a meeting of Bishops from the Mission on Tuesday night to explain how the Keyboards will be dispersed and the expectations for Wards, branches and individuals.  Of course, we are finding out that everyone wants one but we only have 20 and we are going to be very strict on where they go and try to make sure that people
who get them are committed to taking care of them and using them for music in church meetings.  Of course, in most cases, they have to learn how to play them which requires a commitment to come to piano classes and then practice at home.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that President Russel M. Nelson will be visiting Naga in February.  Sister Hoopes was asked by President Reeder to put together a Missionary choir for the Missionary meeting with Pres. Nelson.  The districts that can participate in the choir are the Naga, Canaman and San Fernando districts due to proximity.  We wish we could go around the mission hand picking missionaries who can and want to sing but the travel time for practices is too great. We had our first practice this past Thursday.  We left early for Canaman district and practiced with them and then drove back to Naga chapel and practiced with the other 2 districts.  We have a few missionaries who can sing parts (a very few) and others who really can't sing at all.  We also have a transfer coming up next week so we don't know for sure who will be here and who won't.  It would be really nice if President Reeder would transfer in some really good singers for the next 6 weeks.

To Cararayan Group to deliver Keyboard on Sunday morn.

We attended church in Cararayan Group today (Jan 17) to deliver a Keyboard to a piano student.  The group meets in a small Nipa hut. There were about 35 people there including children.  A member of the Stake Presidency was visiting and a member of the High Council spoke.

At Cararayan Group for Sacrament Mtg.  In a Nipa hut.

Mt Isarog on the way to Carayan Sunday morning.

 That is all for this week.

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