Saturday, January 23, 2016

23 January 2016

Sister Howard, this one is for you!!  Elder Howard
at his desk!
What a Friday!!!!!!!

It actually started on Thursday night when 2 missionary sisters knocked on our door.  They had come in from Baao that morning to see a doctor and it had taken all day to find a doctor who could see them and identify the tests one of them needed.  When they got to our place, they were tired and hungry and after feeding and doctoring, it was decided in consultation with Sister Reeder that they should spend the night in Naga. The Assistants took them to the Sisters apartment near us where they have extra sleeping space for these situations.   We met them at 8 am on Friday morning and took them to the hospital
Buhi district after their meeting on Friday
to drop off the test materials and then drove them to Baao where we dropped them off at their apartment. Then we travled on to Buhi stopping in Iriga to pick up the Zone Leaders also going to Buhi.  We attended the District Meeting in Buhi and drove back to Iriga where we had lunch at Shakey's and then on to Naga.  We got back to Naga just in time for Sister Hoopes to make up some piano packets for lessons that started at 5 pm.  She had scheduled the Naga 2nd ward for 5 pm and the Cararayan group for 6 pm.  But we were surprised to find a baptism going on in our chapel at 6 so all the keyboards and students had to be moved to another room which was very limited due to the stake functions going on that night.  We got done with students gone and instruments bagged up about 8:45 pm.  Thank goodness we stopped at Shakey's or we wouldn't have even had time to eat all day.
Naga District and San Fernando District choir practice.

And Saturday (today) is almost like Friday:

I started again this morning at 8 am with a driving test for Elder Beard who just got his passport from Manila yesterday morning and got his Filipino drivers license yesterday afternoon.  To be able to drive a mission vehicle, one must pass a driving test given by ME and then receive approval from the President.  He passed the test and we took off for Baao again for another piano lesson.  We are back home now eating lunch but have another baptism at 3 pm and then ward choir practice at 6 tonight. The Ward choir is getting ready for Easter which means we now have 2 months of choir practices with the ward to 
Elders Howard and Garcia.  Elder Garcia plays piano
well and will be playing for our choir number with
President Nelson.

plan for. Another surprise!  The stake decided to hold their choir practice for when Elder Nelson comes at our building because they don't like the stake house piano.  This knocked out OUR pre-planned choir practice for this afternoon. 

I hope to keep Sunday a simpler day.  We will go to another group meeting on Sunday that we have never been to before and then come home and rest.  Hopefully, no choir practices and no sick missionaries or other issues. (Surprise Elder Hoopes, choir practice is now Sunday afternoon).

The rest of the week was spent in delivering keyboards; piano lessons; doctoring sick missionaries; district choir practices in preparation for Elder Nelson's visit; and preparing for next week which is transfer week.  

Fe and friend with her keyboard.

Isa with her keyboard.

Ghia with her keyboard.

Bananas outside a members home in Pamplona.

Sister Hoopes with 2 members in Pasacao.

Today, January 23, 2016 would be my father's 90th birthday.  It is sad that he is no longer with us but we all miss him and mom.  Some day we will meet again although I do beleive that they are very involved and knowledgeable about our lives here on earth.  For that knowledge, I am grateful.

Another week and next will go even faster.  Until then, Alles Gute!..


  1. Thank you for posting a few pictures of Elder Howard. He looks quite happy at that desk. He sure does love his mission. Thanks for all you do.
    ~Wendi Howard

  2. Thanks for your posts. I miss not having you around when we go to Salt Lake... which isn't very often. Mom keeps me informed from your skipping so thanks for keeping her spirits up. Love and miss you, Beverly