Monday, January 11, 2016

9 January 2015

Pasacao church with Elders Gacer and Dailey
This past week was just a blur and even though this post is dated for January 9, it is now the 11th and I am just beginning it.  It wasn't that we were so exceptionally busy but the week was filled with lots of things.  A synopsis of the week follows:

Sunday:  Attended church in Pasacao
Monday:  English tests most of the day
Tuesday: Shopping and little things
Wednesday:  Car Reports
Thursday:  ??
Friday:  Iriga Zone Training and 1 year anniversary dinner with the Watsons.
Saturday:  Baao Piano lessons
Sunday:  Attended church in Buhi

In addition to all the above things, we had car issues to deal with and a sick Elder in the hospital to pick up and deliver to his area.

The new Keyboards in their boxes

The big news of the week is the arrival of 20 keyboards from a special grant which Sister Hoopes applied for.  These keyboards will be loaned out initially to students who are willing to work hard to learn how to play.  If they keep at it and commit to playing in church, they can be given the keyboards for their own.

Three boys in Baao taking lessons.  The Sister Missionaries
will be helping with the teaching when Sister Hoopes can't
be there.

The missionaries of the Iriga Zone.  We were there for their meeting to train on helping branches with membership
records.  Sister Hoopes also talks about English testing and how to get prepared.  We take about 40 minutes of their
two hour meeting.

Elder Heaton being released from the hospital.  We picked
him up Friday morning and took him to the Iriga
Zone training meeting.

It was a beautiful clear day on Friday and we were able to get this picture of two volcanoes at once.  Mt. Iriga on the left
and also Mt. Mayon on the far right and much further away.  What a beautiful sight this was today.  
This is a message from an Elder who went home last transfer. His comments are in regards to the workshop we do. I copied it directly from Messenger.
Hello elder and sister Hoopes it's me elder tuitavake I thank you for a wonderful workshop it's keeping my head in the game and helping me keep my priorities in the right order that workshop truly does help ones mind heart and soul to go face the world without fear but with confidence and with faith. I fear no more in trying anything and everything my heart wishes to pursue. I feel that there's no stumbling block big enough to stop me from moving forward in this great and amazing plan he has for my future family and I I'm actually adjusting my resume and I was wondering if I can use you two in my reference sheet
I would deeply appreciate it

Sorry this is so late.  We really got busy over the weekend and then even today, Monday, has been busy.  This is just enough to get the blog post done.

Reminder:  If reading the B of M with us, you should be about on 2 Nephi by now.

Have a great week.

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  1. Twenty keyboards is a big deal! Congratulations! I hope they will be well used.