Saturday, April 2, 2016

2 April 2016

Our week was almost back to normal - Almost!

Someone had brought some very nice flower arrangements
for the Easter program.
Last Sunday was Easter Sunday and we had been working with the Naga 3rd Ward choir on an Easter program.  We practiced on Sunday evenings for approximately 2 months. The program turned out very nice even though we actually had a few new members join us with only 1 or 2 practices and could not sing the parts.  President and Sister Reeder came for the Sacrament meeting and stayed for the entire aftenoon.  (Our meetings are 1 to 4)  We had invited them and the Watsons for Easter Dinner at 5 at our home and President Reeder had another meeting at our church at 6 pm. He was grateful as he would have had to go home in between meetings for something to eat.  We had a very nice evening together.

Another flower setting for Easter Sunday.  The white
roses are plastic but it was still beautiful.
We are still doing English tests but it has really slowed down.  We did 2 on Monday and will do two more again tomorrow.  Piano lessons seem to be the prevailing time consumer now and will probably become even more so for the next two months.  There are 2 reasons for this: One is that all schools are out for April and May. It is their summer holiday and the second reason is that we are going home in June and have a lot to accomplish before then.  Sister Hoopes has a plan to teach someone from each area her way of teaching piano and then have them continue the teaching of others when she is gone.  She has another 30 keyboards coming from the grant which will need to be passed out to qualifying individuals before we leave.

Bishops wife on the left and his sister holding their baby.
We were invited to the home of the Bishop from the Naga 2nd Ward for Family Home Evening.  His wife is one of the piano students of Sister Hoopes.  Even though we don't attend their ward meetings, we see them often and have a very good relationship with them.  They had also invited all of the Full time missionaries who work in their ward. 

Bishop and Sister DeGuzman in the middle back with 2 kids.
The rest are all Elders and Sisters.

 They have a little family with 2 small children and there were 10 missionaries including us.  The Elders had prepared a FHE lesson which they presented and then we played some games.  Afterwards, there was food provided by the Bishop's wife and sister.

This is only 1 section of the 2nd floor.

The produce looked quite good although not early as nice as in
 Germany. We were told that it is much cheaper but we won't
be doing our shopping here.  Too far; too hard to park; too
many people.
We took some time on Friday morning to go with Elder and Sister Watson to the "Market". We knew about this place but hadn't been inside.  It is a large place in downtown Naga. It is 3 stories of everything imaginable.  The first floor was basically dry goods; second floor mostly meat and fish; and the top floor mostly produce.  Of course, no air conditioning and it was a hot day. Imagine the smell on the second floor with all the meat and fish.  We left there and went to Jack's Blue Plate Diner for their all you can eat Buffet. I am amazed at how well I did at the diner after the sights and smells of the "market".   

Several of the Elders were benefactors of Sister Hoopes' generosity this past week.  The assistants got some leftover Strawberry dessert which Elder Tan loves.  The rest of the Elders got donuts but we don't have any pictures of them.
Elder Hofeling with his Strawberry Dessert.  His first taste of
this wonderful stuff.

Elder Tan is responsible for this as the last time he had it
he said it was his favorite dessert.  He was saving it to eat
after he finished his emails.  He wanted to enjoy every bite.

We look forward to conference and then it will soon be transfers again.  We have been asked to speak again at a University function in May but thankfully, we can use the same presentations we did last year.  
Some girls frm the Naga 2nd Ward earning money
for the next temple trip for baptisms.  That is our car.

That is all for this week.  We know that Conference is starting at home this week but it won't be shown here until next week.  We, however, have internet and will be watching it at home as we have time.  We are excited to hear from the leaders again.

Hope all is well.

Until next week.


  1. We love to read your blog and see all your photos of so many interesting places you visit. Are those string beans really that long there? Thank you for all you do!!

    1. The long green things are actually green beans or so they call them that here. They don't look like string beans to me. But there are real green beans in the picture-look to the left in a small green box. They look normal.

  2. You're obviously doing a great job, Kathlene. I'm proud to have known you.... a million years ago. Really good work. All the best.
    David Durfee