Saturday, April 9, 2016

9 April 2016

QUESTION:  How many people can you get on a Jeepney?

ANSWER:  As many as there are spots for a body or hand to hang on.  There are 11 on the outside of the Jeepney that we can see.  There are more on top we can't see and 4 looking out the back that are hard to see and probably another 30 inside the Jeepney that can't be seen.  One of the widely used forms of transportation here.  The next is the Tricycle which you see coming from the other direction. (a motorcycle with a cart attached)

Hi everyone.  We saw this Jeepney as we were going to Pasacao on Tuesday. Pasacao has beautiful beaches and a lot of people go there.  In fact, our ward had an over night outing up there Friday night and invited us to attend.  We were in Goa for the day and got back too late.  We have seen this many times but this one was close by, as we had to follow it until we could pass it. As we passed, I could see that the inside was as packed as the back end was.  Can you imagine the angst this would cause in the US?  No seat belts?

President Oliva and his daughter Jasmine.
This was a very busy week for piano lessons and piano meetings.

We went to Cotnogan on Sunday.  It has been a long time since we were there on Sunday and knew that they didn't have a piano in their meetings.  Sister Hoopes was hopeful to find someone who had some piano experience and leave a keyboard.  It was a special day and a miracle to find that the Branch President's daughter has played before. They actually have a keyboard at home but it hasn't worked in a long time, as it got wet in a Typhoon! They were so thrilled to get the keyboard so she can practice and then use it in church. This man has been Branch President since the Branch was organized 23 years ago. We had a message aabout him a few months ago regarding his work in the Barangay where he is the Captain.

Tuesday in Pasacao again to teach two girls but only one showed up.  During the piano teaching time, I, Elder Hoopes, walked next door to see if Christian Repuya was there.  All of the family are members but Christian has been going to school and is not usually there.  Thinking that he might be home because it is now summer vacation, I decided to go see if he was around and he was the first person I saw.  He is a returned missionary and has now completed his education and is working as a teacher in a college or University in the city.  He also has a small business making specialty belts for members and missionaries.  They are very nice and very popular among the missionaries. His father has a wood shop and makes any kind of wood product that people need. Behind Christian are some doors that his father is building. As I was getting ready to leave, Christian asked me if I wanted to work the next time I came.  I assumed that he meant in the wood shop and thought "this will be fun".  I asked what kind of clothes I needed and he looked at me funny and said, "Just what you have on now".  Then I asked what kind of work we would be doing and he answered, "Missionary work".    He thought I would like to go visit some members which was great.  Sorry, that shows where my mind is nowdays.

From Sister Hoopes:
Wednesday was a meeting of piano teachers and/or people who work with music in the wards, stake and branches in and near Naga.  The intent was to teach them how to teach students to play. I have only a few weeks to get an actual program that can carry on after I leave.
The Sister in Orange was given a keyboard from a missionary couple ninteen years ago.  She has diligently taught music to others.   In the class, 7 out of 8 people had been her students. 4 of the students are teenagers, but I tell them, they will be the ones to carry on the music in Camarines Sur (province).  One person cannot do it all!  Once these young people got their keyboards, their music skills improved tremendously.  We now have about 7 church units that haven't had musical accompaniment for many years,(or ever)  using music in their church meetings. Unfortuntely most of the Church Owned keyboards don't work, or they never had one. So, they must take and use their keyboards at the church.  But, according to the grant, the instruments are not property of the ward, they are for use by the students at home.

Two of the three are Keyboard Students and future teachers!
These three girls came knocking on our door quite late one evening last week.  They had been to the church for a dance practice for Youth Conference which is coming up.  I think they just came to say hi.  Two are learning to play the piano and took lessons from the Filipino sister mentioned above.  I got them keyboards so they can practice at home and use them at church.  Mae, on the far right, is is a small branch outside of Naga and is now playing in church each Sunday.  She is using the simplified hymn book and the chords (left hand) which I taught her.
The Jeepney which brought the ward members home from Pasacao.
As seen from our Bedroom window!  

The week finished up with another piano meeting in Goa.  We met at the church on Friday afternoon to discuss teaching methods and needs for them to be able to teach others.
This was a long day and then end of a long week.

Saturday, (today) is General Conference here in the Philippines.  We have decided to stay at home and watch the sessions on internet.  Sister Hoopes has a cold which hasn't slowed her down yet but it will if she isn't careful.  We have lunch with the Watsons and Reeders tomorrow and will surely attend that.  We might watch conference from home again, however.

Take care and have a great week.

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