Saturday, April 23, 2016

23 April 2016

An interesting week with a lot of emotion!
Taken in Daet on Friday at Zone Conference.  This is on the
Eastern side of the island.  

We had so many different things to do this past week which always keeps things interesting.  

The week went as follows:

Sunday:  Church in Naga 3 to see Elmer John Nebria Galon speak before leaving for the Baguio Mission.

Elmer joined the church about 3 years ago and is the only member in his family.  His father left the family years ago.  His siblings work out of the country.  A grandfather and a nephew live with him and his mother.  He is just a wonderful young man who turns 20 in June.  He worked in a call center and speak English excellently.  He is going to be a great missionary and is so excited to go and serve.

Elmer with his mother.  She is sad to see him go.  This was
the night of his setting apart.  It was in the old Mission Home
since our church is being demolished. He got on a bus to go to
Manila an hour later and arrived there Friday morning.  Notice
the words above the door.  Very appropriate.

6 Sisters and 1 Brother who will be teaching
others to play. piano.

Monday:  Sister Hoopes held a 2 hour meeting with piano teachers at the CES building and then we had a meeting with President Reeder at his home.

Tuesday:  We taught the all day workshop for 5 missionaries going home. The sad thing for us is that this was the last time we will teach it here. There were 3 Elders and 2 Sisters going home. We enjoyed this class again and have just loved being with these young men and women who have served so diligently.

Bishop Bigtas is on the far left.  He has agreed to take our material and teach it for the next group going home which won't be until July.  The new Mission President will have to decide what he wants to do from there.

Wednesday:  Sister Hoopes had piano lessons all morning at CES and then in the afternoon, we drove to San Fernando to pick up some souvenirs.  Wednesday night, we went to Elmer's home for a small "party" before he left on his mission.  He and his mother had cooked food all day and it was very good.  We are still a little careful about what we eat but we are still doing good and it is now Saturday.

Thursday:  We went to Iriga with the Watsons and did a little shopping at the market.  The Watsons met with the Zone leaders at the church to talk Family History and Sister Hoopes met with one of the Young Women who plays piano and is willing to teach some of the others.  We were also able to meet with both Iriga Branch Presidents while there.  Always teaching and supporting these great young men.

Just one of the booths at the market.  An appetizing display
of DRIED FISH !!!!!!

 Friday:  We went with the Watsons to the Daet Zone Conference so we could see all the missionaries and say goodbye to them.  We will not likely see any of them again while here in the Philippines.

I took a lot of pictures.  Perhaps your missionary is in one of them.

Take care.  We will write again next week and probably have some news about when we return home.

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